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ChrisW's Fun and Games Page

Most of the things on these pages were written by me, in whole or in part. If the authorship is not attributed, assume it is me. Many of these are works in progress, and these pages change very often.

Science Fiction Wargames mailing list [SFCONSIM-L]
Interested in designing and/or playing science fiction wargames? Then SFCONSIM-L is the mailing list for you!

Notes, player aids, and game variants on published systems [Variants]
AH's PanzerBlitz, Stellar Conquest, and Guadalcanal, AoG's Babylon 5 Wars, Chessex's Albedo, Columbia Games wooden block games, GDW's Imperium and Triplanetary, GW's Horus Heresy and Space Hulk, Mayfair'sThe Company War, and VG's Pax Britannica.

New games, systems, and generic variants

Ongoing game projects [Projects]
This includes both game projects I am working on now and some ideas my game group has put together. Hopefully, someone will see these projects, pick up the ball and run with it, and allow me to simply plop my $30 down and buy it from them.

Essays and reviews on games and gaming [Essays]
Mind, Map & Maneuver and Vindicator, Gateway to the Stars,Traveller: The New Era, and Combined Strategic-Tactical Gaming.

Gaming "Hints from Heloise" [Hints]
Links to game-design resources on the Net, neat game supplies you never knew existed, non-game supplies with gaming applications, and toys every game player/designer should own.

Fun game combinations I would like to see [Combos]
Ever thought of combining two games to get a new game with humorous connotations? Here are some of the ones my friends and I have come up with.

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