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Notes and Variants on Published Games

Most of the things on this page were written by me, in whole or in part. If the authorship is not attributed, assume it is me. Many of these are works in progress, and these pages change very often.

Game variants are presented alphabetically by publisher and then game.

Agents of Gaming's Babylon 5 Wars tactical space combat game
Avalon Hill's Guadalcanal (Smithsonian) variations
Avalon Hill's PanzerBlitz variations
Avalon Hill's Stellar Conquest variations and play aids
Chessex's Albedo (based on the works of Steve Gallacci) variations and such
Columbia Games wooden block games
Game Designers Workshop's Imperium
Game Designers Workshop's Triplanetary
Games Workshop's Horus Heresy
Games Workshop's Space Hulk

Ground Zero Games's Full Thrust
Mayfair's The Company War (based on the works of C. J. Cherryh) variations and such
Victory Game's Pax Britannica
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