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The SFCONSIM-L mailing list


SFCONSIM-L provides an unmoderated environment for discussion of science fiction conflict simulation games, including boxed games from such publishers as GDW, SPI, and Metagaming, and games published in magazines such as Ares and The Space Gamer. The explicit purpose of SFCONSIM-L is to provide a platform for the discussion of published games, but discussion can range over the general topics of conflict simulation mechanics and design, military history, speculative fiction, physics and the sciences, tactics and strategy, historical conflict simulations, role-playing game backgrounds, unpublished or Internet-published games, game collecting, convention and club announcements, or any other topic potentially related to conflict simulation games in a science fictional setting.

Restrictions (not that we enforce anything, mind you)

As this list is devoted to the discussion of science fiction conflict simulation games, discussion of other sorts of games (such as RPGs and CCGs) is discouraged unless germane to the discussion of science fiction wargames. Discussion of topics of a specific nature regarding conflict simulation games which have their own lists should be minimal, to avoid duplication.

Okay, that's the official view. The truth is we interpret everything very expansively.

Subscribing to the list

The list is currently hosted by Yahoo.Com.

The best way to subscribe to the list is through the Yahoo Groups webpage.

All of the web-based services (subscription, unsubscription, archives,etc.) are handled through Yahoo Groups' SFConsim_L page. You do not have to register with Yahoo Groups to register, but I strongly recommend it, as it can make administration -- both mine and yours -- easier.

You can register through the Yahoo Groups homepage, at

Posting to the List

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Charter and FAQ

To see the most recent version of the Charter and list of Frequently Asked Questions (including information on the list archives), click here.


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